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About Palki Sarees

palki Sarees is renowned for its intricate designs and elegant drapes. Indian clothes are designed to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time, enhancing the inherent beauty of women and allowing them the chance to express their personality by choosing the appropriate designs for the item. We take care of Our client for new collection, fashion and trends.

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New Fashions

Palki Sarees uses a marketplace model to capture the regional variations of India.

Top Modelling

We have clients from different parts of the globe and working with globe beauties.

New Trends

We take care of new trends and fashion for our clients.



The saree, a long cloth that is pleated around the waist and then wrapped around the body over one shoulder, is valued for its elegant drape and graceful design. These are worn with long-sleeved or half-sleeve blouses in complementary colors.


The Lahenga designs are highly artistic like fruits and flowers. The same goes for lehenga, which are perhaps the most luxurious looking Indian formal wear for women, especially when they are made of high-end materials like Banarsi silk, Tussar silk, velvet, net, tissue, brocade and chiffon.

Suit & Gown

Known as a land of diversity, each region of India depicts its own culture as well as practice. People who belong to varied provinces have their own distinctive way of dressing as well as unique sense of fashion..While some people prefer to have suits more..


A fantastic single destination for sarees, dupattas & dress material from the length & breadth of India. Very friendly staff & accessible location. Must visit on a leisure day to pick up gifts for self & loved ones.

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